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My First Time Trying Telehealth

If it’s your first time using telehealth, you might not be sure what to expect. You’re not alone — with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are using telehealth to see their doctor. The below experience was shared by a first-time Health Karma Telehealth user. 

“When I woke up in May with a sore throat and headache, I panicked. I immediately assumed the worst and diagnosed myself with COVID-19. I knew I needed to see a doctor, but the thought of going to my doctor’s office was unsettling, especially with COVID-19 numbers being so high. I refused to sit in a waiting room surrounded by sick people and feared possibly infecting others around me. I also did not love the idea of getting in the car and leaving my comfortable house while I felt so sick. 

I googled “see a doctor from home” and was overwhelmed but amazed at all of the advertisements that promoted “virtual care” and “telehealth”. I was skeptical at first, not really knowing much about telehealth. I inevitably ended up selecting Health Karma after exploring a few different options because of the free month promotion they were offering. 

Within just minutes of clicking the ad, I was talking to a qualified healthcare provider and explaining my symptoms. The provider was very knowledgeable and professional and explained that my symptoms directly aligned with a case of tonsillitis. My webcam allowed my provider to carefully inspect my throat and determine the right diagnosis. He then prescribed me an anti-inflammatory medication to my local pharmacy which was available for pick-up within just 15 minutes of my appointment. 

The process was super easy and quick. Once I created my account, I requested an appointment, filled out paperwork electronically, and was connected to a doctor minutes later. 

A few reasons I now prefer telehealth over in-person care: 

  • It’s so convenient! I didn’t even have to leave my couch 
  • No out-of-pocket costs with the free month promotion 
  • No exposure to other sick patients 

My entire first experience using telehealth was quick, easy, and most importantly convenient. My provider eased my mind by explaining to me that none of my symptoms align with a case of COVID-19. He answered all of my questions and was extremely patient and thorough. Using telehealth to see a doctor saved me time, money, and a lot of hassle. I plan on taking advantage of my 1 month of free access and will be using telehealth for the majority of my future visits!” 

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